Our Agenda

  1. Implementation of the “Jerusalem Plan” of the World Zionist Congress.
  2. Ingather of the exiles of the Jewish people to Land of Israel, its absorption and integration in his homeland.
  3.  Nurturing the love of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and the recognition of the common fate of the Jewish people everywhere.
  4. Preservation of the Jewish people’s right to the the Land of Israel, as a natural and historical right, as aforesaid in the declaration of Independence; and as eternal inalienable right.
  5. Settlement and development of the entire land of Israel and the sovereignty imposition of the State of Israel on them.
  6. Preserve and strengthen of Israeli sovereignty and genuine peace with its neighbors.
  7.  Implementation of the eternal values of Israel’s traditions in education and national life, while respecting individual liberties, preservation of the morals and integrity in the Israeli society and government.
  8. The existence of a national-democratic regime in Israel: ensuring the supremacy of the law, human and civil rights, freedom of conscience, individual liberty, equal rights and opportunity for all citizens of the State of Israel and the prevention of discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, class or point of view.
  9. Strengthen Israel’s economy and creation of suitable conditions for economic growth and the establishment of a competitive, free economy based on private and free enterprise, while reducing government intervention in the economy.
  10. Maintaining close contact among body movement in Israel and those in the Diaspora.
  11. Action among the World Jewry for recruitment in order to strengthen the State of Israel.
  12. Activities in Israel and around the world in order to ward off the Antisemitism abnormality, respond and educate to its prevention.
  13. Deepening the Zionist – national Jewish education in the diaspora youth, to encourage immigration and settlement in Israel, to prevent assimilation, increase affinity the nation of Israel, its heritage and culture and to instill the values of the movement in people.
  14. Management and coordination of the activities of the movement in Israel and in the Diaspora branches, institutions and Jewish organizations, including, but not limited to the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency, the World Jewish Congress, the Jewish National Fund, Keren Hayesod and the Zionist General Council. 
  15. Creating appropriate operating conditions and ongoing operations of the movement’s institutions stipulated in the internal bylaws.
  16. Encouraging and managing all Zionist activity.
  17. Promotion and improvement of immigrant absorption structure in Israel and promotion of interests and rights of immigrants in Israel in front of the institutions.
  18.  Cooperation with various bodies, public and other in order to promote the Zionist issue in Israel and abroad.
  19. Without derogating from the above, the movement possess authority to do all sorts of action, whether in Israel or abroad, that look beneficial or desirable in order to achieve and promote all or part of the goals.