World Beytenu Movement Chaiman Avigdor Lieberman’s Address


Message from Avigdor Liberman

hp-libermanSince the founding of the State of Israel, it has faced continued threats from the Arab world, countless terrorist organizations and even its own citizens who wish to see an end to the Jewish state.
Today, we face a new stage in which global terrorism is becoming more sophisticated and implementing social media tools to add a psychological deterrent/propaganda facet to its campaign of terror.
In lieu of this, it’s critical that every individual who supports Israel around the world becomes an informal ambassador, assisting with the pro-Israel effort and adding to the conviction that Israel is leading a just path. I hope that this site will allow you, Israel’s friends around the world, to help Israel.

In addition, “Yisrael Beytenu” has been working since its inception towards assisting Aliyah to Israel, as well as helping Jews in the Diaspora and strengthening the connection with them.

The latest wave of global anti-Semitism that broke out during Operation Protective Edge provided an additional reminder that Jews in the Diaspora must make Aliyah and live here, amongst their brothers and sisters in their historic homeland. This site is an additional tool for strengthening the connection between the State of Israel and global Jewry.