CIS_640+In CIS, the World Yisrael Beytenu Movement (Beytenu Olami) is working closely with leading local Jewish organizations for the sake of strengthening education and communication of local Jewish communities with the state of Israel.

Beytenu Olami is represented in the Zionist Federation of Russia and Ukraine by the World Youth Movement “Ezra” which is the leading youth movement for working with Russian-speaking Jewish youth in North America, Europe and the CIS, organizing the Taglit trip, repatriation and absorption, leadership programs, educational programs and others.

Over the years, Beytenu Olami has sent delegations to the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem on behalf of Russia. In June 2015 World Israel Beytenu took part in the elections in Ukraine and successfully obtained the right to represent also the Ukrainian Jewish communities.

Beytenu Olami works to expand its activities in the territory of the CIS countries, to strengthen the ties of these communities with the State of Israel, and to continue their integration into the world’s leading Jewish organizations.

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